Tailgate Five-Step Ladder (Jimny 2018+)

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The ultimate solution for easy access to the roof of your Suzuki Jimny. While the Jimny may not tower over other off-road vehicles, reaching the gear on your Roof Rack can still be a challenge. Our five-step ladder is designed to seamlessly enhance accessibility for the latest Suzuki Jimny models including the Jimny XL.

Crafted with precision, the ladder weighs a robust 3.6kg, ensuring durability and stability. Setting itself apart from other aftermarket options, the JimnyHype ladder goes beyond clamps for support, ensuring unmatched strength. The JimnyHype Tailgate Five-Step Ladder provides superior strength with its triple support system.

The ladder’s top is secured with clamps, while the bottom is bolted to the tailgate hinge, reinforced with an additional magnet feet support for added strength. The ladder is constructed from lightweight yet sturdy aluminium, and the bottom hinge bracket is made of carbon steel.

The ladder has undergoes an electrophoretic coating process for rust resistance. The nut and bolt accessories we provided has been treated with Dacromet coating ensures high corrosion resistance and a lasting finish. In addition, we’ve included rubber pads on all parts that come in contact with the vehicle. 

Tested compatibility with tire sizes up to 710mm, including 195/80R15 and 215/75R15. JimnyHype Tailgate Ladder is the ideal accessory for enhancing your off-road adventures.

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