JimnyHype A1 Roof Rack 1/2 Length (Jimny 2018+)

$650.00 inc. GST

Introducing the JimnyHype A1 Roof Rack 1/2 Length – the perfect solution for your storage needs on long road trips. Designed specifically for the Suzuki Jimny 2018+ (JB74/JB64), this roof rack is built to accommodate your camping and recovery gear, while keeping the weight within the limited roof load and weight capacity of the Jimny.

Crafted from durable aluminum and manganese steel, the A1 Roof Rack is equipped with a T-slot system, providing easy access to tie down points or brackets for accessories. Installation is quick and hassle-free, as the roof rack is mounted to the roof rain gutters without the need for drilling.

The roof rack panel measures approximately 74 x 121 x 3.5 cm, and weighs around 14 kg. To ensure your safety, it is important to refer to your vehicle roof load rating and consider the impact on off-road capacity when adding more load to the vehicle.

Expand your storage capacity with the JimnyHype A1 Roof Rack 1/2 Length, and enjoy your road trips with all the necessary equipment within easy reach.

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