Dual Layer Armrest for Jimny 2018+

$70.00 inc. GST

This Dual Layer Armrest provides you a more comfortable driving experience for the Jimny, while providing additional internal storage areas.

The dual layers storage compartments in this armrest, feature an upper layer for your everyday essential accessories such as keys, phones etc and also an deeper compartment below to store your bigger items.

This design additionally retains the original cup holder feature allowing drinks to be stored inside of the armrest when the compartment below isn’t utilised.

This armrest also comes with a extended charging station with two USB-A outlets, a creature comfort to charge your devices or for ease of access for rear passenger to charge their devices. To make this function usable, the Dual layer Armrest will need to be plugged in to either the 12v socket or USB port.

This armrest is installed in the location of the original cup holder of the Suzuki Jimny, it is a direct fitment with no tools needed.

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