Centre Console Docking Station (Jimny 2018+)

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Introducing the Centre Console Docking Station for Suzuki Jimny 2018+ (JB74/JB64/Jimny XL) – Your Ultimate In-Car Charging and Connectivity Solution!

Enhance your driving experience with the Centre Console Docking Station, designed exclusively for Suzuki Jimny 2018+ (JB74/JB64/Jimny XL) models. This sleek and functional accessory is the perfect addition to your vehicle, offering seamless integration and unparalleled convenience.

Our Centre Console Docking Station brings you a world of connectivity right at your fingertips. Equipped with 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, and a cigarette lighter slot and the original USB data port remains intact, ensuring seamless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Versatile lighting transform your car’s interior ambiance with our built-in lighting features. The blue ambient light sets a soothing mood, while the white illumination light is designed to make finding items in the storage below effortless. Whether you’re setting the tone for a relaxing drive or need practical illumination, our Centre Console Docking Station adapts to your needs, enhancing your driving environment and adding a touch of convenience to every journey.

Installing the Centre Console Docking Station is a hassle-free process. Simply slot it into place and use the included double-sided adhesive for added security. This ensures a stable and reliable fit, allowing you to enjoy all the features without worrying about stability. Experience seamless integration and enhanced convenience in just minutes with our user-friendly installation method.

USB Output:
Output Power: Maximum 18W; 5V..3.4A; 9V..2A; 12V..1.5A
Supports BC1.2, Apple, Samsung protocols
Supports Qualcomm QC2.0 and QC3.0
Supports Huawei Fast Charging Protocol (FCP)
Supports Samsung Fast Charging Protocol (AFC)

TYPE-C Output:
PD Output Power: Maximum 20W; 5V..3A; 9V..2.22A; 12V..1.67A

Cigarette Lighter Output:
Output Power: (When the charger is not outputting) Maximum 10A; Voltage is the same as the car voltage
Note: Since power is drawn from a cigarette lighter, if charging simultaneously, output may change.


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