Manganese Steel & Properties

Manganese Steel is a steel comprising 0.8% to 1.25% iron with 11%-14% Manganese content which is also known as Mangalloy or Hadfield steel. An increase in Manganese content allows an increase in ductility and hardness. It is often described as the ultimate work hardening steel due to its high impact strength, high abrasion resistance, high tensile strength and fair yield strength. However, Mangalloy is non-magnetic steel but having extreme anti-wear properties. During conditions of impact, it can achieve up to three times its surface hardness.

Manganese Steel Application

Manganese steel is widely use in mining industry, rail industry, jail security, safes, bulletproof cabinets, and anti-drill covers. Due to its self-hardening properties, it is used for very durable service. This material is utilized in high impact environments applications in mining and construction industry such as shot peening machine, tractors, cement mixers, rock crushers and shovel containers. In rail industry, they are mainly used in tremendous impact such as switches and crossings. The impact and deformation of the use will cause the surface of Manganese steel to harden and toughen.

The Affect of Raw Materials Price Increase

The price of raw materials is increasing, and manufacturers are facing challenges through supply chains. Strong global market demand has led to many raw materials shortages. In addition, the oil price has risen, from research it is 58% more comparing to November 2020, which is causing transportation fee to rise. The pandemic also has us facing shipping container shortage, due to empty shipping containers were not able to be picked up and returned to traders.

Why choose Manganese Steel?

Manganese steel is still widely used in many fields because of the low-cost advantage. For each product, we have considered the suitable material properties and ability as well as the cost, which will directly affect the product retail price. Although Manganese steel is less abrasion resistant than high carbon steel, but Manganese steel can resist impact significantly longer than high carbon steel. Manganese improves mechanical properties of steel and increase hardenability of steel by reduce critical cooling rate during hardening. The materials and properties of our product has considered in many criteria. However, we are happy to receive any feedback and we are constantly reaching out to our customers for feedback on our current products and samples of unlaunched products.


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