The Suzuki Jimny Generation 4 has earned a reputation for its impressive versatility. With its spacious four-seater configuration, it caters to both passengers and cargo needs. By folding down the rear seats, a capacious cargo area is created, allowing for seamless transport of various items.

To safeguard the interior from potential damage, a cargo mat is highly recommended. However, due to its design, there is a common issue where the rear passenger seat belts may lift the corners of the cargo mat. In this blog, we’ll explore some ingenious solutions to this problem, shared by both the Jimny community and us.

To secure the seat belts, simply follow these steps:

  1. Fold down the rear seats.
  2. Use a clip to secure the seat belts together. (refer to illustrate picture below)
  3. Pull down the lean out part seat belt until the seat belt sits freely at the corner. (refer to illustrate picture below)
  4. Repeat the previous steps to the other seat belt.
  5. Lay out the cargo mat.

Use a chosen clip to secure the seat belt, preventing it from lifting the corners of the cargo mat. Here are some popular items that have been use from feedback. These items are cheap and easy to find from retail or hardware store like Kmart or Bunnings in Australia.

  • Kitchen Bag Clips
  • Stationary Foldable Clips
  • Paper Clips
  • Clothes Pegs
  • Strong Magnets

Owning a Suzuki Jimny Generation 4 opens up a world of possibilities for adventure and practicality. With the right accessories, like a reliable cargo mat, you can make the most out of its versatile design. However, dealing with seat belts lifting the mat can be a nuisance. Thankfully, there are several clever hacks, shared by both the Jimny community and experts, to keep your cargo mat secure. Whether it’s a kitchen bag clip or a simple paper clip, these solutions are easy to implement and will ensure your cargo area remains organized and protected on all your journeys. Happy driving!

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