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JimnyHype prides itself on offering ‘The First Terminal’ for Suzuki Jimny, the first stop you go for accessories when you first get your rig. We are Jimny accessories One-stop Shop with most valuable upgrades and modification.

We are here to provide owners on basic and essential modification when you first pickup your vehicle. As Suzuki Jimny is a small car with limited storage, we provide easy customization and extra storage solution for your Jimny. We are based in Brisbane, Australia, however most of our goods are manufactured in China, and importing from great producers in Taiwan and Japan.

With the Jimny, we can’t hold our passion in taking adventures to explore this beautiful planet. Camping with the Jimny has become an important element for our journeys. We also present some ideas and inspiration for your car camping accessories.

Why Choose Us?

We understand there are different needs for everyone as every Jimny is unique! There are many well-known brands that are providing the top-quality products in Australia and all around the world. However, there are a lot of smaller manufacturers that are providing great products which may meet the needs for some of the Jimny owners out there. We are here to provide some extra options to your Jimny modification journey.

Before JimnyHype was introduced to Australia, there were only two main options for Jimny owners:
1. Cheap and affordable low quality products with possible false specification and lack of instruction. If the products failed or found to be faulty, it’s always a hassle to deal with the company in terms of enquiries or warranties.
2. High quality products with high prices that may break your bank

Because we are passionate with Suzuki Jimny ourselves, we try our best to source products which is compactable for the rig. We do take feedback and improve on the product design or services. We would love to hear any feedback about your experience, your valuable feedback will be use for us to deliver a better design and experience in the future.

Our Goals

Although the supply and demand of Suzuki Jimny is growing, the lack of aftermarket accessories is still an issue for Jimny owners. All our items are in stock and ready for dispatch unless stated. At JimnyHype, we are trying our best to reduce the wait time on accessories after a long wait on vehicle.

We focus in providing modification and accessories while offering the best value price and online shopping experience. As Suzuki Jimny is a small car with limited storage, finding storage solution has become an important element for Jimny owners and we are here to improve these criteria.

Automotive modification is always an expensive hobby to maintain, therefore our first criteria that we considered for our product are easy installation, reasonable price with decent quality. We are trying to help the community to save price on accessories as well as long hours labour cost for experience professionals for installation.

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